Update 4/3/2018 – Bugs, Builds and Back to the 2D Games

I hate bugs

Be they six legged or digital. What started out as a quick new feature became a two foot long radioactive cockroach. In the attempt to add a simple hi score tracker I managed to somehow break my AI (Artificial Idiots), player link and game controller. And still not have a high score display. As of this last week I decided that the prototype does not need a high score display. Which brings us to the good news.

Good news

The prototype for Project X is done. I will be testing it for the next month or so. Once I have been told how bad it is I will go back and fix a few things and test it again. Then if I am lucky I can start working the real thing.

But while all this testing is going on…

Laser Sharks Deluxe!

I have opened the project file for Laser Sharks recently and while it still needs some work a lot of it is already looking good. It needs a few tweaks in the menu and perhaps a new level or two but it looks surprisingly good.

Three Pixels

I have no idea how long this one will take. Mostly because I have to rework the level system and add a new weapon. Plus chances are I think up something else to change before it’s done. Still I am trying for this spring.

Overall its a nice change of pace to go back to my 2D games for a little while. See you next week.

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