12/22/2018 What happened?

Hi I’m alive.

So the last time I did anything on this blog was April 3d. What happened? Well I have a tendency to forget that I really do like making games. Even more than I like playing them. It’s easy to get stuck on the small things and then get frustrated and just quit but that is not what should happen. If I stay focused on the big picture I do a lot better. Oh and not doing this blog was part of the downfall. Time spent here is time not spent on making a game but that does not mean that it is not useful. So the new schedule for the blog is every Saturday (a better time for it than Tuesday lunch break). 

Here is the goal for this christmas break I have. Make Three Pixels more fun before the end of the year.


  1. Make default controls Xbox ONE controller.
  2. Keep separate scores for different players.
  3. Add visual and audio effects for score, powerups, menu selections and other stuff like that.
  4. Improve communication of how to play the game.
  5. Investigate new gameplay effect that I have had in my head since I started making this game.
  6. Get some music made for it.

For the record I did get the new level system in place and the game now supports three players (like it should with the name Three Pixels). Overall I still like it a lot and think it has some potential. I have one of the older versions of the demo on my phone and every now and the when I am trapped somewhere I play it and think “Wow this is kinda fun! I should work on it!”

See you next week.

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