Update #2: Guns and AI

The menu this week is…..



This will not be in the final game (it is still in the prototype stage after all). It is a side project for my brother who is learning 3D modeling.

Up to this point I have just been using default UFPS weapons and settings for the prototype. Monday I decided to learn how to add weapons to the game. It was surprisingly easy! In about two hours I had two variants of the “Hi Power Revolver”.

Here it is in Unity.

I still have a few things to work out such as different cross for the HUD (Heads up display) based on which weapon you currently have and making my own system for weapon pickups. But now I feel like I have a handle on how UFPS works.


So no pictures to show for it but I reworked the “AI” (not sure the word “intelligence” belongs here). Before all enemy characters ran straight to you wherever you were. Now only the dumb ones do that. I added a type of enemy that instead of running to you finds a vantage point to shoot you from. Here is the break down of how that works.

  1. If current position is not within a maximum radius of the player. (if not stay where you are)
  2. Get all preset vantage points.
  3. Find all those within a maximum radius of the player.
  4. Pick one.
  5. Go there.
  6. If the player comes within a minimum radius of the player attack the player directly

Not complicated but a huge step up from just mob the player. With this done I have just a few more systems to go before the prototype is done. Then I move on to testing it and taking a break to work on Laser Sharks Deluxe and Three Pixels for a few weeks.

That’s all for this update. Thanks for reading!

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