Update #3: A lazy week

The week was not a total loss. But I only completed one thing for “The new Project”. However that one thing was one of the key ideas for the game so that’s good. After three weeks of trying to figure out a way to instantly give the player a weapon and remove the current weapon. It is one line of code.

“vp_LocalPlayer.SetWeaponByName(newEquipmentList[Random.Range(0, newEquipmentList.Count – 1)]);”

Turns out you should probably read the documentation for the framework you are using. Way less work than I was expecting which after all is why I paid money for UFPS.

Since that is not thrilling news for most of you here are some screenshots of the new Laser Sharks Deluxe UI.



An improvement to say the least.

Well that is the end of this somewhat short update. Hopefully next week I will have more to show from my new project. Maybe a breakdown of what it is trying to be.

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