Update #1

What an inspiring title!

So what happened to that end of summer deadline on Three Pixels? Why is Laser Sharks in this update? What am I working on next? Time for a update.

The Three Pixels update.

Just to be clear I will not be making the summer 2017 release window. No I do not plan to retroactively release Three Pixels last year.

Why? Well lets just say that designing levels that feel unique in a very simple 2D game is not easy. Which is why I am rethinking the level system for the game. The whole point of the game is to feel like you are getting more powerful and I think I can do a better job with the new system I have in mind.  This obviously going to need to be programmed and tested. Then if I like how that turns out the whole game will be tested and balanced and then released. I will be keeping you updated on how all this is going.

Laser Sharks!!

Hey! That came out in 2016 what is it here for? Its here for its Deluxe+ Ultimate Game of the Year Editon update of course!

So the actual name will be Laser Sharks Deluxe. The user experience in Three Pixels was a huge step up from Laser Sharks so I am using that system in the deluxe version. The main foces of the update will be on the menu and controls but it also includes a bonus level. I will be showing more of that in the next few weeks. I am planing to release it at the same time as Three Pixels.

The new project.

Over the black friday/cyber monday sales I finally (I had been looking at it for over a year) got UFPS which is a first person shooter framwork for Unity. I have been working on a simple horde mode game with it. It is currently in the early prototype stage. I have a few systems to figure out yet and I am still learning how UFPS works so it may be some time before it is in Alpha forget releasing . You will probalbly be hearing a lot about this project and how its progressing so stay tuned.

The blog.

So supposedly having a blog helps keep you motivated. And I must say the idea of haveing a history of the progress I have made on the games I am working on sounds really nice. Also I can’t pretend I did not miss a deadline or goal if it’s in black and white so that should help keep me from slacking off. So this is the beginning of the weekly blog post. We’ll see how that goes.

So that is Update #1.

Thanks for reading. All three of you.

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