From (mostly) done to out: Part 1

So next comes the part that I am not so experienced at.

Launching a game.

Hope you were not looking for a big post today because setting up accounts with Google Play is not a thrilling event. And that kind of thing is most of what I am doing for Three Pixels now. I did add one more feature today however.

Auto difficulty adjustment.

All it’s actually doing is adjusting how fast stuff spawns. If you are not very successful it will increase the countdown timer for spawning when the next wave loads. When you are more successful it decreases. Oh and there are minimum and maximum values for the timer so that nothing gets out of hand. (I saw the minimum go too low during testing and it was not fun).

Well I would love to have more to say but that is all for this week. Go play the Three Pixels demo and let me know what you think.

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