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Remember when I said that Three Pixels was almost done? I can too unfortunately. I was not lying it’s just that several things got added last minute. I would feel a little guilty but how can I? This is the first project I have made where the end product was better than what I had in mind when I started. And all the things I canceled because they were “hard” to implement made it into the game. Well now that all is said and done I have boss fights, camera movement, 50% more enemy types, the best power up in the game and three player cooperative levels on PC.

Boss Fight

So now Three Pixels is not just almost done, it’s in alpha! You can find it here on the website if you are interested (as of now the current version is 1.5) Anyone who plays it can send feedback to I also have it on Google Play so if you would be interested in testing it on that send me a email and I will add you to the alpha test track. Currently I am targeting a full release before the end of August.

No that I am wrapping up Three Pixels I am beginning to think about what I will work on next. I have had a lot of ideas over the past few years so now I am trying to document all of them in as much detail as possible and once I have a list I will pick a few of my favorites to prototype this fall.

Thanks for reading! See you next time I feel like it (certainly before the end of the month)

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